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Ebook Ed. (2014) Universal pdf, reads on your pc, tablet or mobile device, any pdf epub reader, Kindle or Nook,  free adobe reader, free adobe digital editions (and it’s a printable pdf).

This eBook reads electronically but designed to also print on your printer in color or black and white, double-sided on 61 sheets of standard white or glossy paper. Nice attractive 8 1/2 X 11 landscape 14 pt layout. 122 total pages. Easy to read and absorb format.

Retreat topics are done in university lecture style by Saint John Paul II. 8 Chapters plus fully linked Epilog with quotes and commentary from Pope Francis’ recent Calls to World Youth and Family. 99 Pages with additional sections, including Editor’s Preface, Introduction and Further acknowledgments that lists and links valuable resources used to create this eBook.

Special links to online Catechisms and most versions of the Bible in most languages. Fully referenced and footnoted with up to date links to all of the works cited by Saint John Paul II. links to cited authors and works so you can build your library or find out more. And Lots of Free Bonuses inside, including 2 free eBooks like C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity.

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