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The Way to Christ: Spiritual Exercises;

An Action guide to being like Jesus

Book 1: Creating Christ, Creating Life; Making the 21st Century Church

Ebook, 1st Edition

English translation and Ebook adaptation of:  Rekolekcje: Do Mlodziezy Akademickiej, (Retreat: for university students) part 1, released Krakow 1962

Copyright © 2014 Joe Dettelis

The rights of the author, Saint John Paul II and the statements of the Holy Father, Pope Francis are protected by The Vatican Publishing House, Libreria Editrice Vaticana and are copyright © Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Vatican City, in perpetuity.

THE WAY TO CHRIST: Spiritual Exercises; cover art picture credits:

Pope John Paul II in Aosta Valley, photo by Arturo Mari, courtesy of Rai 1 Italian public television film promotion.

Pope Francis Frees a Dove at St. Peter’s Square, May 15, 2013, photo, uncredited social media release, December 12, 2013, News.Va, (L’Osservatore Romano); corresponding with Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2013 announcement.

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